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It was such a pleasure hiring you and your wife to cater my Dad’s 90th Birthday Celebration. You brought the cake, the ice cream, the decorations, the jazz and left my Dad a happy man. There was no one other than you and Jillisa that would have catered the event with such warmth, expertise, and compassion.

I highly recommend you for anyone’s catering or Food & Beverage needs. I met you as the Food & Beverage Manager for our team at Emory Midtown Hospital. Working with you Mr. Donnell, I saw firsthand just how much our team relied on you. You worked with multiple vendors to make sure our machines were running properly, you challenged incorrect charges when vendors had subsequently charged for more than one occurrence of repair when there was only one. You would maintain and refer back to the contract when they charged prematurely for maintenance when it was under contract. You seemed to know the contract verbatim and every machine’s maintenance cycle in the agreement. You treated all staff and vendors with the utmost respect even when counseling of their actions was involved.

One of the greatest things I admired you for was putting God and family first. The second was the extended hand you always gave to the Jewish Community. I know you worked with them on weekends preparing large group meals and serving their needs.

I thank you for all you’ve done Mr. Donnell and again highly recommend you to others and commend you for your reliable work, attention to detail, and going above and beyond the call of service.

Wanda McGhee

Emory Healthcare Professional

Chef Donnell cooks from his heart and with soul. He has a bold flare and sources locally ingredients to deliver American comfort food. The only thing better than his cuisine, is his infectious smile.
James Farr

Host & Producer, Conversation.Live

I had the pleasure of working with Donnell at Drexel. He is an accomplished chef, passionate advocate for a more equitable food system, and always a lifelong learner committed to his professional development as well as the development of our students.
Jonathan Deutsch, Ph.D., CHE, CRC

Professor of Food and Hospitality Management and Director, Drexel Food Core Lab

If you are looking for a triple threat for your next event, Great Cuisine, Great Event Planner, and a Great Chef, I highly recommend Chef Donnell. He is a highly skilled Culinarian with a passion to help his community, and has that talent to transform. and make his whole team better. His style is no nonsense all professional. I know. I’ve worked with him.
William Brockington C.D.F

Workforce Development/Job Developer

Donnell came on board and took the staff to another level. Within a few weeks, I noticed the staff was more diligent regarding cleanliness and more exacting regarding food production. Donnell is an industrious employee with a friendly disposition and easy going manner. I was pleased with his management of the staff and look forward to seeing all the wonderful things he does in the future!

Founder, Rosa's Fresh Pizza, LLC | Philadelphia, PA

Chef Donnell Jones-Craven was a superb culinary addition to our 2nd Annual Community Health Fair in 2014. His enthusiasm, nutrition knowledge, and practical cooking demonstration techniques were well received by children and adults. His positive, outgoing, professional attitude, and unparalleled work ethic will linger in the minds and palates of participants. I highly recommend Chef Donnell Jones-Craven to staff your next event.

Atlanta, GA

My experience in working with Donnell has been truly amazing over the years. He’s an extremely talented culinarian and has done wonders for this industry. I’m confident that Donnell would be a great asset for any organization.

Design Strategist & Project Regulator, Atlanta, GA

Chef Donnell is a very personable chef. He takes great pride in his work. No matter what the occasion, he gives 110% to his clients. He is very detailed on his presentation in the taste and look. I would highly recommend him because he is a chef who cares about the absolute best for his clients. It does not matter if it is a paid or unpaid event, he delivers the same quality. Chef Donnell donated his services several times to his church in Atlanta Georgia with rave reviews from everyone. To have Chef Donnell do an event for someone is 100% satisfaction.

Atlanta, GA

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