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For the Love of Corn: Grilled Late Summer Corn with Honey Butter

by | Oct 3, 2013 | Blog


It’s me again with a new post. Hope everyone had a great and enjoyable summer with plenty of activities and long lasting memories. Last month I had the privilege to interview at the Rock Ranch in Barnesville, Georgia for a Food Service Director position. It’s a very interesting place that is founded by Truett Cathy, owner and founder of Atlanta’s own Chick-Fil-A restaurants which I love their ice cream ( ice dream) which is the closest thing to hand cranked homemade ice cream I enjoyed as a kid spending my summers in Northern Louisiana with relatives. During my interview one of the interview panelist asked me if I was to create a signature food  item for the Rock Ranch what would it be. I thought for a minute and thought of sweet, fresh grilled yellow corn boiled in a savory hot liquid with water, organic milk, sweet butter, sugar, salt and pepper simmering lightly for 90 minutes with the shuck peeled back and silk removed upside down. Then place the corn on a hot grilled with lump charcoal and hickory wood for 15 minutes turning every few minutes to embody the essence of the wood  and then slathering some fresh made honey butter made with the Rock Ranch’s own homegrown honey, fresh churn butter with a hint of paprika and cayenne pepper just to balance the sweetness of the honey and the butter.  The panel was wooed and ready for some right then. Well, I didn’t get the job but that corn was on my grille that next week and a hit  for dinner that evening. Here it is and the recipe.  Goes well with some nice grilled ribeye steaks with some nice marbling with some Montreal Steak Seasoning,  salad of mesculin greens with olive oil vinaigrette. Make sure the corn is the #1 highlight though!  Enjoy!


Grilled Corn with Honey Butter pic 1

Grilled Corn with Fresh Honey Butter

Fresh Corn            6-8 ears, silk removed, husk left intact

Water                    1.5  gallon

Butter                     1 lb.

Sugar                      1 cup

Organic Milk           2 quart

Salt and Pepper     to taste

Add water, milk, sugar, salt and pepper into large pot and bring to a full boil. Add butter and let melt completely. Take corn and pull back husk only, don’t tear off. Place in large pot with top down first with bottom up. Keep on low boil and simmer for 75- 90 minutes. You will know the corn is ready when you begin to smell the perfume  of  its natural sweetness in the last 10 to 15 minutes of simmering. Take out and place immediately on hot grill turning every 3-4 minutes to prevent from burning. Take honey butter and slather some over each piece of corn. Pay close attention to prevent flare ups. Remove corn from grill and transfer to plate. Serve and enjoy! Make sure you savor the taste and allow the juiciness from the corn to run down your arm, its okay. Food is life…enjoy!


Honey Butter

1/2 cup                            Grade A blossom honey

1 lb.                                  Sweet Butter, room temperature, softened

1.5 tbsp                            Paprika

2 tsp                                  Cayenne Pepper


Mix honey and butter with whisk or wooded spoon until  well incorporated. Add paprika, cayenne pepper.

Donnell Jones-Craven